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Certification and Qualification

Gemba Certification 

Gemba Inc. offers challenging but rewarding certification program for individuals in various Continuous Improvement roles, to deliver better and faster results with professional competencies in Gemba Business System, Human Reliability and Lean Six Sigma.

Gemba Business System, Human Reliability, Lean Six Sigma methodologies are applicable to all functional areas, in any industry. Gemba Certification courses are specially designed to help

  • Working Professionals

  • Graduate / Post-graduate students in Professional Courses

  • Organisations

When applied Continuous Improvement methodologies together with Gemba Business System, Human Reliability and Lean Six Sigma, it complement each other and facilitate you to achieve greater improvements in the short-term as well as long-term.

Certification courses are available in the following combinations of Gemba Business System, Human Reliability and Lean Six Sigma.

  • Gemba Business System Certification 

    • ​​Practitioner 

    • Facilitator 

    • Coach 

  • Human Reliability Certification 

    • Specialist ​

    • Professional 

    • Expert

  • Lean Six Sigma Certification 

    • Yellow Belt ​

    • Green Belt

    • Black Belt

  • Six Sigma Certification 

    • Yellow Belt​

    • Green Belt

    • Black Belt 

  • Lean Certifications

    • Bronze ​

    • Silver 

    • Gold

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