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Doctor and Patient

Gemba Diagnosis 

Gemba Diagnosis results in a report, road map indicating what to do, how and the ballpark financial benefits in Gemba Business System is implemented at your company. 

The Diagnosis is done typically through a 1-3 weeks consulting visit. During visit, various data is gathered, studied and analysed. These pinpoints areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement the tool to be deployed and the road map.

​Gemba Diagnosis Methodology

  • Management Infrastructure (MI)

    • Diagnosis of organisation design and governance mechanism

  • Mindset, Capabilities and Behaviors (MC)

    • Diagnosis of culture through focus group discussion, client interviews, culture survey, deep structured interviews, expert interviews, team analysis and management interviews

  • Operating System (OS)

    • Diagnosis of Reliability of supply and readiness with sustainable product and process quality

From Data to Improvement Opportunity

Selection of  opportunities deployed and the opportunities are stratified further to the point they can be worked upon during the Gemba Kaizen Workshop and the selected  opportunities are defined in quantitative terms. Selection of themes are keeping in mind annual targets on SQCDPEM (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Productivity, Environment and Morale).

Call for Gemba Diagnosis NOW !

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