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Institute of Sigma Learning

 Lean and Six Sigma International Certifications from IQF,USA

Deliver better and faster results with professional competencies in Six Sigma , Lean and Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma methodologies are applicable to all functional areas, in any industry. Gemba ISL Lean Six Sigma Certification courses are specially designed to help

  • Working Professionals

  • Graduate / Post-graduate students in Professional Courses

  • Organisations

When applied together, Six Sigma and Lean complement each other and facilitate you to achieve greater improvements in the short-term as well as long-term. Gemba ISL certification courses are available in the following combinations of Six Sigma and Lean.

  • Gemba ISL - IQF Lean Six Sigma Certification 

    • Black Belt ​

    • Green Belt 

  • Gemba ISL - IQF Six Sigma Certification 

    • Black Belt ​

    • Green Belt

  • Gemba ISL - IQF Lean Certification 

    • Silver ​

    • Bronze


Gemba ISL has trained a large number of Six Sigma Black Belts and Six Sigma Green Belts through traditional classroom training. Many individuals although very keen on attending our six sigma certification programs, could not attend due to several reasons, primarily long office hours and rigid classroom timings. To address all these concerns, Gemba ISL has embarked upon an ambitious project of developing next generation distance courses since 2002, by adopting flexible, continuously developing and completely online courses. ISL research shows that the effectiveness of online learning is comparable to class room training in several aspects and in some cases even better. Gemba ISL Lean Six Sigma courses are fully online with the following salient features:

  • Flexibility

    • Start the course on any day (online registration only)

    • Pay through PayPal, Net Banking, UPI, DD & Cheque

    • Learn at your own pace (complete it in 3 - 12 months)

    • Modular design of courses which give different choices for learning

  •  Learner Centered Course Material

    • Printed books (Specifically designed and written for these courses, not just presentations)

    • Multi-media lectures on the Gemba-ISL website accessible anytime

  • Web-based Tools for Learning and Interaction

    • e-Dialogue​

    • e-Quiz

    • e-Facilitator

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 Gemba IQF

Lean and Six Sigma Certifications Courses 

Gemba ISL is a premium Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training provider recognized by IQF(USA). We know the importance of Six Sigma training for your company’s steady progress, and therefore we offer you distance training programs that allow you to become an internationally certified Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma professional from the comfort of your home. In order to know more about our online courses, register now.

Enroll for Gemba IQF,USA Certification NOW !

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